Project Name

Survey and Mapping of Sabah Al- Ahmad Nature Reserve (Protected Area)

Year Awarded


Services Offered

  • Collecting the needed spatial information from the field survey, high- resolution satellite images, and existing maps and data
  • collecting soil sample to identify the soil minerals and
  • identifying the sites geological
  • Creation and/or updating spatial information in Sabah Al- Ahmad nature reserve such as vegetation cover, topographic map, concrete blocks, refilled locations of piles of concrete blocks, filled oil trenches and any other military fortifications elements based on the recent high resolution satellite images and field
  • Producing high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from the same type of the previous high-resolution satellite
  • Provide the decision/policy makers and planners with a very easy to use monitoring tool to support the rehabilitation of Kuwaiti habitats and ecosystems on short-term and long- term
  • Putting all data, field data collection progress, different data sets, maps, satellite images and project reports in a secured enterprise Geo-database.

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