Project: MOF
Ministry of Finance

Project Name

  • Remote Sensing Technologies
  • High resolution satellite imagery
  • Restore historical documents and maps.

Year Awarded


Project Description

Full Prodject Description


The Kuwait Ministry of Finance (MoF) is undertaking the development of an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) to support the real estate and property management activities administered by the Expropriation for Public Benefit Department, the State Domains Properties Department, and the State Domains Real Estate Department of the Ministry, as MoF administers a variety of real estate property transactions where State interests are concerned including the expropriation of private real estate property where it is needed for public benefit, leasing of State owned lands for Chalets, markets and cooperatives, purchase or transfer of land on behalf of the State, administration of Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) projects and other such functions.

These activities require the development of a Geographic Information Systems center for the Ministry to support the ministry’s main activities. This center would be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for data management, applications, communications and information systems infrastructure.

This also require a system that integrates between geographic information systems and a document management system such that combined would provide a unified system supporting automating procedures and workflows.

Project Goals

  • Efficiently and effectively manage and maintain the state properties and expropriation processes through an integrated enterprise system
  • Enhance the identification of violations on state properties and the collection of fines.
  • Preserve the historical maps and documents through restoration and save it electronically after conversion.
  • Support the decision-making process based on accurate and up-to-date geographical information
  • Provide Kuwait population with an effective and easy to access online services

Basic features of the Project

  • Data storage, protection and accessibility
  • Better support and services to citizens
  • Support government organizations
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of business activities in the relevant departments
  • Training of national human resources on the use and development of the technologies
  • Maintaining maps, charts and documents of historical value
  • Move towards paperless work environment
  • Facilitate access to Ministry information for the public
  • Support the decision-making processes in the MoF

The GIS Project OUTPUTs

  • Comprehensive GIS Systems and applications in support of land management and land expropriation activities
  • GIS Center equipped with the state-of-the-art technology
  • Central geodatabase of state owned properties and all relevant features
  • Automated workflows
  • Paperless working environment
  • Mobile applications for field inspection and valuation
  • GIS and ICT skilful national staff
  • Up-to-date accurate maps of chalet areas
  • Recent aerial photos and satellite imagery
Source: The Kuwait Ministry of Finance (MoF) Website

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