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المتكاملة الدولية للخدمات البيئية (IIES)

المتكاملة الدولية للخدمات البيئية (IIES) هي شركة خدمات بيئية مقرها في دولة الكويت. تشارك شركة المتكاملة الدولية (IIES) بشكل أساسي في المشاريع البيئية ، حيث تقدم حلولاً باستخدام التحليل الإحصائي الجغرافي ، والتحليل المكاني ، والاستشعار عن بعد (RS) وتقديم صور الأقمار الاصطناعية وتقديم حلول المسح الجغرافي وحلول أنظمة المعلومات الجغرافية GIS بالإضافة لخدمات الاستشارات البيئية وخدمات تزويد المؤسسات والوزارات بالعمالة المتخصصة فى هذا المجال.

متخصصوص بالحلول البيئة ونظم المعلومات الجغرافية
حلول انظمة المعلومات الجغرافية GIS


نفختر بعملائنا

صور الاقمار الاصطناعية من ماكسار

Satellite imagery is a critical tool for visualizing ground conditions. Whether you need a foundational map for an app or a comprehensive dataset for business intelligence, Maxar offers both fresh high-resolution imagery and the world’s largest archive for historical analysis.

الاستشعار عن بعد ERDAS

The World’s Preferred Remote Sensing Software Package

ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, supplies tools for all your Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geospatial Analysis needs.

سوبر جيو تك GIS

Supergeo develops advanced and innovative tools that empower people to gather, display, analyze, and share geographic information, allowing people to make decisions in a more painless, efficient, and scientific way.

Success Stories

A Sample list of the projects we implemented in Kuwait

شركاء اعمالنا

What is GIS

Geographic information systems (GIS) manipulate, analyze, and graphically present an array of information associated with geographic locations, have been invaluable to all levels of government. Their usefulness in disaster response was recently demonstrated during the Space Shuttle Columbia recovery effort. GIS provided precise maps and search grids to guide crews to the debris that was strewn across 41 counties in Texas and Louisiana. The federal government has long been attempting to develop an integrated nationwide GIS network. The information available through such a network could significantly enhance decision–making in myriad public–service areas, including emergency response, national security, law enforcement, health care, and the environment. Among GAO’s objectives were to describe the federal government’s efforts to coordinate GIS activities, the long-standing challenges of adopting and implementing federal GIS standards, and the role of Geospatial One-Stop.

Environmentally Responsible

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