Project Name

GIS enterprise project

Year Awarded


Project Description

IIES has successfully completed the Ministry of Education “GIS enterprise project” using SuperGeo Software packages.

The ministry of education has targeted an enterprise GIS Desktop application to edit and display different indicators reports on multi- Spatial levels: National, Governorate, and Districts levels. The application is used to calculate different educational indicators using the enterprise Oracle 11G database using SuperGIS Desktop; Then the user can publish calculated indicators on the GIS web portal of the Ministry of Education to be accessed publicly, or privately (for staff of the ministry only).

The Enterprise GIS web portal was implemented, using recent web technologies and the newest GIS Web APIs by SuperGIS Server. An enterprise GIS web mapping software was used for this project.

The ministry users can use the GIS web portal to publish indicators, search for educational facilities, and produce GIS online reports.

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