Project: KISR
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Project Name

Remote Sensing

GIS Technology

Temperature Loggers

Year Awarded


Project Description

IIES supplied KISR with temperature loggers to investigate the heat flux between the sediments of Kuwait Bay and the water column.

Also, IIES provided KISR with SuperPad (full functional mobile GIS), SuperGIS Desktop (professional Desktop GIS) along with several SuperGIS extensions, and also specialized GIS training. KISR has also implemented a SuperGIS online application (web-based application using a SuperGIS Server) to make the most of the new technology applications. IIES also provided KISR with ERDAS imagine Remote Sensing software, which is used in numerous fields, such as: satellite and aerial imagery geo-referencing, enhancement, and production of detailed land use. IIES also provided KISR with more than 10,000 square km of high resolution satellite data (Worldview 2 Satellite, 8 bands with 50 cm resolution) as part of this project.

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